People that want to buy me out asked me to send over my valuation… We will see if they bite. If they don’t, I have a VC lined up. I am worried that they thought my valuation method was acceptable (Hours Worked * Rate), so, makes me think they are screwing me It has going for it that it is a proven and stable product, IMO that carries a premium.

I won’t be retiring, but it will give me play money to really market whatever I do next

pretty popular free iOS program (and almost android)
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Hows my site/ideas for profit with it?

I haven’t worked on it for a while, I need a kick to get going again.
should be a decent domain with the olympics/world cup in Brazil
url seems pretty good.

I need to clear the spam out of the forum, thats all thats in there anyway.

Last entries I had written were pretty good, but the content writer disappeared, I have gotten anything else done since. Need to find a cheap one of them.

But I also was thinking I should make it more affiliate centered, need to find a product or travel place to associate with.
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making a mobile version of a site

How hard is this? Are there any WP themes that have a mobile version automatically built in?

Also, how does the functionality work, is it just basically like "if browser = mobile browser, then use this other code"?

IF you are using WP…. you should check out WPTouch. It’s a plugin that handles mobile theming. I’ve used it on several projects, and it works fairly well.

As for the logic on which page to serve up… yeah basically. Could do htaccess stuff, javascript, etc. Anything you can read the user agent from, and redirect with.
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paid for download/uploads?

There much truth to these things?

Was looking into this stuff earlier this morning I seen some where you had to reach 1000 downloads some even 10k downloads. This one above doesnt say how many downloads you have to have.

People do them, but I know people have been banned for posting links here, and I have yet to talk to anyone that has gotten paid for doing it

oh i have no intention of posting anything here I just wondered if anyone had success with this sort of thing. I make one click install software using thinapp and house it somewhere off site at least make couple dollars off of it even if its just 60 something cents here and there.

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To those in the iPhone/Android app business..

Given the idea is successful, I’m curious about numbers. I’m aware it’s lucrative, but I’m more wondering about ROI as we’d have to outsource the developer(s).

I’m mildly ignorant.. okay really ignorant when it comes to mobile apps. What’s the going rate for a developer and what would be a conservative projection for an average app on Android and iPhone? Would it be more cost effective to use just Android?

I’ll Google the hell out of a lot of this when I get some free time later this evening, but I’m about to walk into a meeting and wanted to address this there.
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How much would it cost to have a site like WorldStarHipHop.com?

just to host vids.. like break.com as well

any good sites to get started?

$50-$5,000 a month.. Depends on how much traffic you’re getting and how much bandwidth your videos are using. To start one up though.. Script + Domain + Hosting +/-$50. Video sites use a ton of bandwidth, so unless you know how to covert that traffic into $, it’s not the best place to start. Bandwidth isn’t cheap.

more than you can afford pal, need your own dedicated shit, shared hosts would bounce your ass of their server real quick, and it would take a shitload of money to market it
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Website Monitoring

Lookin for something for monitoring, preferably free. Like software for a puter, online services are good to, ie: ones that check from more than one location. And one that has notifications.

Just wondering what ot’rs use?

I’ve been using the free plans from Pingdom and are my sites up for a while. At the free level, there have been some rare times when they are an hour or so late in reporting, but overall Pingdom has been more reliable.

Some more to check out here

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Anybody use this? I’ve been teaching myself php through Symfony2 since its beta; seems to be super useful.

I’m getting close to my first completed app, I’d like to see what anyone else has created with it.

Any ideas on turning php dev skills to $$$ w/out a CS degree?

Can Someone help with this IE/FF E-mail Issue v. Simple But Driving me Crazy! :(

Okay so this e-mail format works PERFECT in firefox when the images don’t display, and when they display as well. BUT when it’s in Internet Explorer here’s what happens. The spacing goes ape shit. Note the images are VERY small, but IE keeps making them strech way out.

, going crazy trying to fix this. Changed the code, switched editors, used editors in both FF/IE, but nothing. Why are the images going crazy like this. The images are less than 100x in height, so I don’t know.
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Rec on a VPS?

Which one of these or if you have one that you know of that’s good?

Linode or Slicehost?

Which one should I go with.

Linode is awesome, and my server been up for over a year straight with them. They give free upgrades all the time and just recently increased disk space again I believe. Slicehost was bought by Rackspace and is kind of stagnant right now and probably won’t improve as much as Linode.