troubleshooting IE9

Anyone have a good resource that rolls up the bugs and issues of the currently IE9 release? Or maybe something that even has a few solutions.

Having several rendering issues with our website on IE9. THANKS FOR A JOB WELL DONE, MICROSOFT

WordPress question – Creating new site

Newb question.

My current site runs on wordpress, I want to install a new theme and edit it / add content from my current site, without interrupting my current site. How can I do this?

when you install the new theme, dont make it the default theme.

then log into the admin panel and modify the new theme as you wish before you make it the default

wait.. add content?

so are JUST installing a theme or making a new wordpress site?

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I need a hand with a Regular Expression…

I can’t figure this one out – probably just not thinking about it the right way.

I have a pipe delimited file and I need to match only rows where the 4th field is not in a list of strings (4 digit codes)


^([^|]*|){3}(1234|1237) matches ROW1 and ROW4 fine.
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need some adsense positioning help.

My content section is only 580ish pixels wide so my sidebar overlaps the right ad. How can I remove the space between the two ads so the sidebar does not overlap? I’m currently using a table to display them side by side, but its obviously not getting the job done.


Is the overall width of the table less than the sum of the columns you have in it? That could cause overlap I think. Other than that, it shouldn’t be possible for table columns to overlap.

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Logo Advice

Here is a logo I have designed for a Production company were going with a RETRO look for the comapny. any thoughts/suggestions greatly appreciated!!


get rid of the eat at, it makes me think you are a restaurant or diner

but really I would do more research and go a different direction, it is not really working

I didnt see the "productions." I thought it was a restaurant

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Large JPEG/JPG vs. PNG for website images v. optimzation and seo?

Have a slideshow on website, very simple; however the images are large, not background size… but around 600×400? Should I be using PNG or Jpeg for the images to load them faster? I can settle with PNG quailty, and I’ve seen PNG seems to make the file size way smaller. But are they supported in every single browser, etc? Doesn’t Google/Search engines love jpegs more?

Also checkout SmushIt inside of the YSlow addon for Firefox, removed ~30% of my total image load on most sites..

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How do I optimize my website to improve search results?

What’s the best way or ways to improve my company’s ranking in search engines? Most companies I’ve spoken to want to charge $500+ for search engine optimizations. Is that effective? Is that a typical rate? Are there other/better ways to get results?

FYI – I have an employee benefits consulting firm and want to generate leads from my website which doesn’t even show up when I search Google. The only way it shows up is if I type my company’s name. I want, when people type "employee benefits michigan" or "health insurance michigan"….I want my website to show up.
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