Hostgator’s naming convention?

is this normal or did I mess something up?

I buy domains thru godaddy and host with hostgator.

So I got my first domain set up a few years ago. Call it

Then I later bought some new domains, call them and

If you want to view them, you go to and .

But why does hostgator host them as and

I think I heard somewhere that this is normal, but this sounds dumb and doesn’t make any sense to me.
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Vbulletin-sponsored links

Is the tool used in vbulletin to insert sponsored links/ads specific to certain ad networks, or does it allow pasting in any kind of ad html snippet? Or does Vbulletin require template editing to insert ads?

I’m asking since I’m creating an affiliate program and am curious if I would need to give affiliates some sort of module to add my ads to their forum, or there is simply a place for them to copy and paste a snippet.

you put the code in.. you can manually code it as well
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Anyone want my Google Reader OPML Import Filev.Big Dev/Design/SEO package

its got hand picked graphic blogs, web design, seo, and warez rss feeds

really cool to have open all day and constantly switch back and learn shit / get shit.


am i doing it wrong? I added the URL to the add subscription form?

Your search did not match any feeds.


Make sure all words are spelled correctly.
Try different keywords.
Try more general keywords.

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I can has invite?

Thanks in advance

im on there, no invites though.. its a big waste so far

they are opening the registeration on friday