C&C on new theme please

It needs something (other than more content), but I can’t figure out what..

The plan is for the skyline in the header to match each city subsite.. I’m just using the asheville domain to test the theme until I turn on city subdomains. The current skyline drawing is of Atlanta

I’ll have more links in the main nav when I receive some content I’m waiting on

maybe another background behind the fixed-width area to give it some depth? I also need to integrate the city name into the header somewhere.. maybe a stamp-ish design or something?
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general html help via tumblr

I’m trying to customize one of their free "theme’s" and am having trouble with this inline CSS stuff.

I’ve figured out a couple problems, but I’ve got just a few to go I think.

my page, using "the minimalist" theme:

I can’t figure out how to center images (or any other thing that’ll pop up in the future) since I changed the width to 800px instead of 600 or whatever default was.

I also want to be away with the entire header (from the ask, archive, etc.. links up to the top and replace it with an image+image map to integrate into the bandcamp.com site (i’m still waiting for all the domain stuff to get figured out so it’ll have a cohesive domain…experience?).
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[PHP & Mysql] Not ordered correctly

Hi guys, i have latest mysql version (5.5)

this is the screenshot of groupid field

i didnt touch anything yet, but some cells are not ordered correctly like this

but if i click groupid name in the top, it will ordered correctly like this

below php code output is like first screenshot above, that are not ordered correctly
please help how to make the output ordered correctly, like second screenshot above,
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Check in – Check out

Does anyone know of a good PHP/MySQL check in check out type script? How I’m using it, someone will start a task, stop, start again, stop. There is no limit to how many times they check in or check out. If anyone knows of a good one, let me know. Otherwise I’ll just spend the time creating my own. Thanks!

What is causing this?

Ok Im adding a 3 panel services grid on . Now the css that is styling the grid is affecting the video player pushing it to the right. I can’t figure out what css class or div is doing this.

I know the site is in tables, I don’t want to remake the whole page, Im just trying to retro fit this in.

Any help?

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A few SEO Questions, buying backlinks and directory submissions, for a business?

Sorry to post so many threads in this section, I just have so many questions, hopefully this will answer them all. For the three business sites I’ve been working on would paying someone on a forum to do manual directory submissions or backlinks be a good idea? One site I operate has been online for over 13 years, but it has very little backlinks (120) and my competitors only have (140), and I’d like to see this around 1,600 backlinks. So my questions are:

– Does buying backlinks 1,000 – 20,000 etc affect the website SEO, considering my competition only has 140 tops. Is that a white-hat method, will it ban my site buying the service? Should I do this, its pretty cheap.
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