A few SEO Questions, buying backlinks and directory submissions, for a business?

Sorry to post so many threads in this section, I just have so many questions, hopefully this will answer them all. For the three business sites I’ve been working on would paying someone on a forum to do manual directory submissions or backlinks be a good idea? One site I operate has been online for over 13 years, but it has very little backlinks (120) and my competitors only have (140), and I’d like to see this around 1,600 backlinks. So my questions are:

– Does buying backlinks 1,000 – 20,000 etc affect the website SEO, considering my competition only has 140 tops. Is that a white-hat method, will it ban my site buying the service? Should I do this, its pretty cheap.

– Does buying directory submission services work? Is it a white hat method, or will it get my business site banned? Should I use this, or not?

Basically, what services should I buy for a white-hat only business site with little backlinks, and only a few directory submissions.. Should I buy services from other forums that do these? I’m looking to spend around $600 – $800 for three sites. But don’t want to spam, etc.

The fact that your domain has aged for so long is a great thing. Because of this you likely have a page rank above 0 and some edge over the competition.

Directory submission can help but how much it will help depends on the directories. DMOZ and Yahoo are really the only ones I would be concerned about, but they are still not necessary.

Article directories are a different story. Despite the new algorithm update, article directories are a great source for backlinks. I would avoid buying blackhat links like xrumer or scrapebox.

You’re mentioning massive amounts of links and these are most likely all done with automated tools and the links won’t contribute as much value.

That said, I can point you in the right direction for all 3 of those sites with that budget. Shoot me a PM

Will send you a PM, we are listed in DMOZ for our main site the oldest one, I applied to be a editor as well for the small section as well. Added the other two main business sites today as well.