out-of-state developer – how do i protect myself?

I have found someone interested in developing my website, however he lives out of state. He will provide development, hosting and graphic design. I will provide money ($3-$5,000) for incorporation, marketing, etc. (I would also like to do everything else as well including accounting, legal, sales, day-to-day duties of managing a successful corporation, but we havent talked about that)

His name is Brian Holt. His email is
/* */
(the website is down but his email works)
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google books download?

might be the wrong section but i thought i’d ask you guys anyways.

anyone know how I can d/l a book off books.google.com ? i searched around and noticed that the program that was available is no longer available but I did find a greasemonkey script which kind of works but I cant d/l the pages cause it’s not a .jpg or .png name but when i open up the link i can right-click save target as a .png file. I tried to use flashgot to get it all but it’s not working properly.

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Anyone ever deal with anything like this?

A member of your website has currently been using the forums as a means to sexually harrass a female client who has recently imployed this investigative service. The user xxxxxxxx (xxxxxxx) recently posted nude and sexually explicit photos of a female as a means of harrassment (he has since taken them down), which is a federal and state punishable sex crime. His actions may come up in an impending police investigation. As such, and due to the intensity of this nature, our client is requesting that the offender’s (xxxxxx) ID and username be deleted from this website so that the offender can not use your racing forum as a means of sexual harassment again. The forum post which contained such photos is pasted here : . As you can see, although the pictures have been deleted, there is still evidence that they were there. In addition, we may require your websites assistance in any impending legal matters. thank you very much for your time and cooperation.
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What template is this?

What template are those two sites using?


1st is built on wordpress and uses

2nd is built on drupal and I’m not sure of the theme for sure, but i would assume it’s the same..

Yup, inove on both..



Custom bg and text color in select menu

I’m trying to create a select menu with a light green background (#f3fae2) and a text color of (#99c23a). I have the following code:

CSS Def.



$categories = $connection->runQuery("SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME ORDER BY catName;");

echo "<select name='appcategory'>
          <option value='empty' class='green'>&nbsp;</option>";
          foreach ($categories as $thiscat)
               echo "<option value='" . $thiscat['genreID'] . "' class='green'>" . $thiscat['genreName'] . "</option>";
echo "</select>";

This is only kinda working. When the page loads, the drop down that shows up is white (with no text in it). Only when i click the dropdown button do the categories show up with a correct bg and text color. Here’s a screen shot of when the page loads, and when the user drops the options down.
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Forumn Database Structure?

I’ve been a lot more SQL work recently and got to thinking how are forums structured?

Would each thread be a table, and each subforum a database?
i.e. this thread being a table in database "The Webmaster Lab".

No. One tables holds all the posts, there are usually ThreadIDs in there. One table holds all the threads, there are usually ForumIDs in there. One table holds all the forums, some will have LastPostID type info in there.

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streaming movie providers v.BigTime

Anyone have a referral for a streaming content provider? Looking for someone who can push most major film releases, either a rev-share or cost per play setup.

PM if you want it off the record. Project is well funded.

o2 has a site iirc

edit: read it kinda wrong

Quick JS Writeup?

I don’t know a single command of JS, and if someone who does could write one up when they get a chance that would be sweet.

After clicking a submit button, wait for 1 to 2 seconds before refreshing the page.

I thought about putting together code I’ve already gotten offa teh interwebz, but I really have no idea what I’m doing in JS and it’d be messy…


How would you structure this?

First off…I’m way out of the know on any programming, just looking for ideas and opinions.

I’m looking at two Domains I’ve registered with the intentions of following up on a business venture.

One is to be the Corporations site.

The second is the first business venture.

Should these site be linked at all? I’m looking at models like cerberuscapital.com – which is an "umbrella" site for all their equity and investments, clearly I’m on a much smaller scale…

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