Noob question v.buying keyword relevant domains

If I registered a pair of available domains with relevant, localized keywords and had them redirect to or mirror my current business’ domain- would that be a waste of time or would I see a return on this worth my -$50/yr?

I don’t know much about it, that’s why I asked.

Unless you have experience in this, buying domains speculatively isn’t the easiest thing to do. You will be better putting up a website at the keyword domains, with affiliate links or a developed website to maximise the SEO potential.
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php guys… mysql_data_seek question (indexed -> associative)

for an assignment, i need to run two queries and display the information in an indexed and assoc. array (query 1 for indexed, and query2 for assoc.). However, we get EC if we use the same query for both outputs. The teacher said "hint, research how to use mysql_data_seek"… got any ideas?

Here’s what i got so far:

    $all = $connection->runQuery("SHOW TABLE STATUS;");
    $numrows = $all[0]['Rows'];
    $numcols = count($connection->runQuery("SHOW COLUMNS FROM flightsessions;"));
    $indexed = $connection->runQuery("SELECT * FROM flightsessions;");
    echo "Your query returned " . $numrows . " rows and " . $numcols . " fields:<br /><br />";
    echo "<h2>Indexed Array:</h2>
    <table width='100%' cellspacing='2' cellpadding='5'>
        <tr class='header'>
            <td class='border'>Flight Date:</td>
            <td class='border'>Flight Time:</td>
            <td class='border'>Origin:</td>
            <td class='border'>Destination:</td>
            <td class='border'>Weather:</td>
            <td class='border'>Winds:</td>
            <td class='border'>Temp:</td>
    foreach ($indexed as $thisflight)
        echo "
        <tr class='content'>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['flight_date'] . "</td>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['flight_time'] . "</td>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['origin'] . "</td>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['destination'] . "</td>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['weather'] . "</td>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['winds'] . "</td>
            <td class='border'>" . $thisflight['temp'] . "</td>
    echo "</table>";

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Running Google AdSense on a site with a private adult area?

So I have a website with a fairly popular forum and I run advertising with adsense on all of the different sections.

I keep a tight lockdown on nudity/porn so that I won’t get kicked off adsense but that’s actually starting to kill the site. Some members are moving to alternative websites where there’s a looser attitude and posting up porn is allowed in many of the sections.

My thought to keep members happy is to create a new forum that would be private so guests can’t even see it and the also create a different skin for it with no advertising at all. That way I can keep the adsense off the forum with the porn part and since I don’t give the google crawler any access other than guest, they should never even see it.
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College newspaper website?

Hey, I usually like to read some of the other forums and just noticed this one could be useful as well. I’m not sure how many of you are familiar with college newspaper websites, but currently I’m the web editor of the GCSU colonnade, if you search for you can look at it. It’s hosted by College Publisher, basically we can use it as a free content management system while they collect ad revenue. I’m slowly learning more about alternatives such as word press and drupal. I’m just curious as to if any of you have experience with this stuff and what insight you may have. I’m currently considering hooking up with copress to help us transfer to a more independent solution, college publisher is typically very restrictive in site design.

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Folder hierarchy and filing methods

I’m doing a clean install on all of my machines and was thinking about the best way to set up my folder hierarchies.

Any of you put some serious thought into this? As I’m growing and outsourcing to other designers I need to keep a method to this and stick with it for the long run.

I just have a drive for web stuff.. w:

Setup like this:


Each client folder has "/final", "/ideas", and "/resources" (bits of scripts, bits of graphics/icons, etc)
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Ideal Web Design Company

What makes a unique? It is the strategy it opts for and the people it has for creating amazing digital designs that has an impact on the viewers. Web designing is an art that requires a great deal of skill and expertise. It is the interplay of digital designs on a webpage to present information in a creative way. The web page has two basic aspects, one comprising of designs that the user interacts with and another one is the backend that includes information for the browsers.
The popular technologies used for creating an amazing webpage are HTML and XHTML. The backend interface is created using technologies like ASP, PHP and ColdFusion. There are other technologies as well that make the webpage come alive. Some of these include Macromedia Flash and other embedded technologies. These languages can be used to design a web or web pages in limitless ways. It allows for versatility and dynamism that goes beyond the imagination of a web user. It has become urgent for all organizations, big and small to create websites of their own, where their users can find information about them and also interact with them. Web has certainly become the easiest way of broadcasting information and content about oneself and also a great means of advertising. Searching for an ideal web design company that suits the distinct interests of the customers as well as the end-users has become crucial. More so with the number of web design companies that have sprung up across the world. Selecting the best one entails a good amount of research on what they have to offer, their skill set, uniqueness and how technology savvy they are. Also the ability to create interactive designs with precision that calls for experienced personnel. Organizations, by and large, are going for companies who are in the business for quite long.

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Mailing Lists

How does one have a simple HTML page in an e-mail display correctly?

I tried just putting the code into the body of the message, and I just got the code sent to me.

This page will only display an image and some text above and below that.


how are you sending it out? with php you need to include the right readers to format as html

Dont send as "plain text" on your mailing client

Should be an option for plain text, html or both.

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Making a Forum Active

So I just started a forum. I don’t know much about them myself other than they are a great way to communicate between a large group of people and build a community. My forum really doesn’t get much activity other than spammers, which isn’t helping. I think the forum itself has a good cause, it’s trying to attract gaming activists and like minded gamers. I just don’t know how to draw in more traffic. Any suggestions?

there was some dude on here with a website like theofftopic or something.
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