301 Redirect .htaccess issue

I have 4 different domains that I’m consolidating into one domain with three subdomains. Each domain is it’s own WordPress installation. For now, I just put all four WordPress installations on the new server as it’s own instance. Sloppy, I know, but time was important.

Here’s the problem. I need to do 301 redirects for SEO purposes. For the most part, this was effortless. I’m running into trouble with the master domain though. Since the subdomains are hosted in a folder on the same server, they are picking up the .htaccess rules at the root and causing a redirect loop.

Anybody ever dealt with this?

Recap. I’m trying to do the following but I’m getting a redirect loop. May or may not be WordPress problem.

Old url: example.com/about-us.html
New url: new.example.com/about-us.html
New url directory structure is example.com/new/