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I have a question about the Lead Developer Interview

Greetings webdev,
I have recently received a call from a company and they like my resume. I have applied for a Lead Web Developer position that requires advanced PHP and advanced Javascript skills.(That’s all they required on the posting)
I know PHP and Javascript. However, my portfolio site is down. I don’t have no Javascript applications nor PHP applications in my portfolio/github. I have done a few wordpress websites in PHP and made some stuff with JS (Nothing too complex).

Is there anything I can do to increase my chances in landing this job? Also this Lead Developer would mean remote? Since they have one in the area 3k miles away?
Also are there any resources out there for me to grasp the concepts of advanced Javascript and PHP? I know OOP is a big one. But are there any other examples. Should I start building complex applications, where should I start? Thanks!

so you want to be a lead dev without actually knowing development?

lead is like the most worthless of metals.. I’d rather be a platinum dev

that’s the sort of quality you get from a platinum developer