[Basic] Move a content, from database, to a php file

Hi guys, i have a content in one of phpmyadmin field


the content is like this, its have two lines :


usually its called from a php file, using a variable, like this

[PHP]$xxx = explode("rn", $text);[/PHP]

now i want to put the content, directly in the php file. This is working, to only put one line

[PHP]$xxx = explode("rn", "text1");[/PHP]

But how is the right way to write both line? please help guys, i already tried these but no one works

[PHP]$xxx = explode("rn", "text1", "text2");[/PHP]

[PHP]$xxx = explode("rn", "text1, text2");[/PHP]

$xxx = explode("rn", "text1");
$xxx = explode("rn", "text2");

[PHP]$xxx = explode("rn", "text1" AND "text2");[/PHP]

[PHP]$xxx = explode("rn", "text1" . "text2");[/PHP]