First Site Construction – SEO Risks?

I’m building my first site in WordPress right now (I’ll post it up here for comments and critiques later) and am wondering if anything I’m doing while building it will hurt it for SEO?

I’ve been reading stuff on SEO so I’m trying to optimize the site that way, but what I’m concerned about is that I’m constantly doing refreshes so 70% of the visits are 0-30s. Should I be worried about this or no big deal?

Don’t worry about it, it’s not affecting anything other than your stats on analytics.

Thanks. I’d read a book on Google Search and it said one of the factors they looked at was how long users spent on the site so it was one of my worries. Back to building the sucker…

Refreshes are ok. What you do need to worry about is bounce rate coming from google serps…that is something they watch and will ding you for a high bounce rate.

I just did this for a few sites myself, no damage done. Everything went better than expected.