What kind of plan do i need to start a good sized forum?

I want to start a forum I am thinking will have about a thousand users. I know from experiance forums always seem to have to upgrade to new server etc. I dont know if thats because of general costs or bandwidth limitations or database limits.

I just know when I was with 1&1 a long time ago they had unlimited bandwidth but 100MB sql database max sizes. I think thats to limit the size of forum you can have.

I am currently with and just have some no bandwidth static pages. Do they have what I need to host a 1000 user forum? Any suggestions before I get started? I haven’t decided what forum type ill use, probably php or vbullitin.
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Keywords in URL

Recently decided to startup with the web developer I was working with – not the best time to be starting up, but we’re starting now so we’re fully functional by the new year.

Anyway, we’ve had disputes regarding the company name. Admittedly, I’m more of a designer, and am somewhat of a novice in marketing and not an expert on SEO. He is adamant to choose a company name with contains several keywords – something like "web design solutions", or the like.

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Any Expression Engine fans here?

V2.0 public beta released today. I’m working on a new site and was very tempted to give it a whirl. Their support forums looked lit up, so I think I will wait and upgrade when things calm down…

I’ve dabbled before. It looks like a good product

Selling turnkey websites -> your thoughts?

I design sites here and there as a side job…and that is fine. But I am constantly coming up with ideas for sites that I would like to persue, but wouldn’t have the time to run once they were launched. So, I started thinking about creating the site and selling it as a turnkey product. I know this isn’t a new idea or anything…I was just wondering if there was much of a market for something like this. I know most people who buy sites are so particular that it might be tricky because they may like your site, but not the domain, or like the domain but hate the design, etc…
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Anyone recognize this wordpress theme?

It might be custom but I have a very strong feeling I’ve seen it on a wptheme site before.

hit up google and from this site it seems as if it’s custom

Bidder Comments : Hello,

I am Abir – nsoftsolution with 2+ year of experience in web design and development. I can provide you any type of blog solution you may require with both professional and a personal touch. I’m not just looking for the current project but a long lasting client relationship with you. You will save both time and money with me guaranteed.
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Whats up with edu domains?

I’m looking to buy one, but domainsite and godaddy don’t have .edu as a choice.

Is there some specific site or specific way to buy edu’s?

Edit: I already have the .com of the same name, if that means anything.

sorry to break it to you broham but you have to be an accredited institution to get one

Yea, I saw that when I eventually found the administrative body for them. It’ll be purchased by a Community College (CC)
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Making a site like TextsfromLastNight.com

I’m very new to web development, but I’m trying to build a website that functions similarily to TFLN, just a box to write something and press post (anonymously, no sign up) and then the comment is sent to my email address to be approved, and when it is, it’s posted on the main page of the site. I’d also like the ability for the posters to add pictures to the posts. This seems really simple but I can’t figure out how to implement it. Any ideas? I’d also be potentially willing to hire someone to help me out, but I have a very small budget because it’s just a ‘for fun’ project.

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