PayPal "gift"?

Someone just paid me but it says it’s a "gift" rather than a "payment" and there was no PayPal fee taken out.

Were they just trying to be nice or are they a PayPal noob? Do I not have to declare this as income then?

the only diff is they pay the fee rather than you. Some of my clients (that aren’t cheap asses) do that especially when its in the $xxx range, as far as claiming it I’m not sure

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starting from scratch…

so i would like to start up a website…actually just message board and maybe a couple pages of product reviews, but i have never really messed with web design.

Are the any good tutotials for a novice? Basiclly, one that starts with registering a domain name and proceeds to buy webspace, then setting up a vBulletin board or something?

I can manage registering a domain name but after that I’m not really sure what I need to do.

Buy hosting, go cheap, since your board won’t be huge overnight.
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Live Web Stats on your site!

So I’m looking for a good live Web Stats for my site. Something where I can see real time how many users are on / total hits etc.

Any good suggestions?

Also, it seems like Google Analytics sometimes stops tracking hits for a while and then resumes or catches up… Is this normal?

I just launched my site : I’d appreciate any feedback

Just made another deal tonight to promote another event Fedde Le Grand. Waiting on the PSD and then will put that one up too

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freelance issues

I’m new to the whole freelance thing and definitely need to get a better contract (any suggestions?)

Anyway, I have this client for whom I did a website, designed and then coded. They were pretty difficult with the whole ("make it stand out, make it pop".. refer to comic book a couple of threads down ) But finally I got a finalized design and I built the site, now, just after we are done.. they want to change the home page, move this here and that there like I can just pick up things with a mouse and move it. I almost feel like quitting but I have the potential to make about $6000 off this client next year.
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Looking to find out what other domains are hosted on a server

are there any sites that any of you know where i can see what other domains are being hosted on said server?


Not unless you have control of the server and can see what IPs are configured to it and can do a reverse lookup for DNS records….

if it’s shared hosting odds are there won’t be many ips so easier. And if someone is trying to hide their other domains then it’s harder.

But you could always try something like course doesn’t mean the person owns all of the other domains if it is shared hosting…

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shift calendar

thanks to phasm and others, I gov phpBB up and running on my site and have been playing with it a lot.

the other thing I want is a calendar people can log into and pick up shifts and schedule the hours they can volunteer.

is there software that is something like that which I can install like phpBB?

Namecheap stores your unencrypted passwords on their server

Allowing random staff, such as their sales dept to see it.

Just a heads up before you decide to enter in the same password you use for paypal.

oh and i found out by talking to their support people. I didn’t believe the dude when he told me, so i asked him for some random characters (i.e starts with, ends with etc) and he had the right anwsers


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