Switching hosts

My grandmother had a website built for one of her properties and I just found out that this web developer has been ripping her off the whole time. How easy is it to migrate the site to another host? What information would I need to do this?
As far as I know the domain name is listing the registrant’s name as the web developer and the organization as the property name. If I understand correctly, he’s the owner of the domain name and I’d need to have him switch that to her name in order to go forward, correct?
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Weightlifting/Gym Site Concept

this is kind of a fun side project I’m throwing together, so everything is possible

I have a really talented t-artist working on a muscular zombie deadlifting, which we might put in the top left corner of the site as well, idk yet

what do you guys think?

Not a fan of the design, although the concept is cool.

Navigation is a bit irritating. The iframe has gotta go–or overflow scroll, whatever you plan on going for there. The "submit" button looks really cheesy.
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One of my accounts is sending spam

Has an older version of wordpress installed, lots of customization. There are no forms on the website. wp was customized by a third party and do not want to upgrade it (may break the website)

I believe the username/pw were compromised and somehow a bunch of scripts were installed. I deleted all the folders/files that weren’t necessary, changed all the passwords, and disabled the mail function in php.ini for that account only.

However, email is still being sent through, or at least trying to send. It shows up in my mail queue manager.
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Anyone ever integrate MLS listings into a site?

Making a site for a real estate broker, and I’m stuck on putting the listings into an iframe.

I need to get rid of that blurb of info it inserts to the left of the listings (blurred out). It seems the MLS doesn’t offer me much flexibility here.

Anybody been there done that? Ideas?

I would just script something to grab the content of whats normally called in the iframe then echo it back out with maybe an added class which you can then CSS display: none;
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Problem with text input boxes

when you add an item to the cart and view the cart, the input fields for your address has the <br > tags are showing up, and when you enter your email address it stays in the field. ( my friend viewed the cart on his computer and my email was showing up in the email field.
This is a wordpress site.

How can I fix this?

Don’t put a break in your labels. It looks like there’s a Javascript grabbing the label text and placing it as the value in the forms.

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No, wish ME luck!

Just got a call from a friend who works with a management/marketing company here in Nashville. Looks like I have my first real "webmaster" job

I’ll be doing websites for bands and other projects they handle. Holy fucks.

Not sure about the money yet.

Been doing this garbage for 10 years on my own.

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how much of a "propsal" do you send to "potential clients"?

I have run into situations before where someone poses as a big client and wants me to give them all this detail about what I will do for them, but what they are trying to do is trick me into giving them a business plan or strategic consult for free.

Without becoming super paranoid and not trusting anyone, what’s a good way to deal with this type of situation?

I used to break it into 3 sections
Initial consult free (basic details estimates idea etc..)
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So apparently some one setup a billing agreement with 1&1 using my paypal

and I just found out today when they took $8.99 from my paypal. Says it was setup May 4th but it wasn’t me. Canceled agreement, changed pass and filed a dispute.

Would love to find out exactly how/who set this shit up

Ever had shit like this happen to you?

Well it looks like I need a new 1&1 account

1&1 are sooo fucking awful it’s unreal – i had so many problems with them before

hope u get this shit sorted man

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Brochure Design?

Looking to have a brochure made for my new company.. I have a brochure from someone else in my industry, would like to copy it using my own images, should be a pretty simple job for someone.

Send me your e-mail and I can send over the images to give you a better idea.

I might be interested, how much is the pay on this? Seems pretty straightforward and simple.