Early Design Comps for Gaming Community

I would love to hear what you guys think of these design comps. Critiques/Praise, all is welcome.

Here is the current review site:

Everything is in the very early stages of design and development is only starting on the areas were we know we are certain when it comes to functionality.

Quick overview of site direction:

It’s an umbrella gaming community that specially targets the moba sub-genre. There are plenty of gaming sites that focus on "one" specific game within this sub-genre our goal is to encompass the span of all moba’s and of course showcase the primary games within the moba community.

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Using SMTP service that in another server, HOWTO set current server using whm/cpanel?

Hi guys,

i use a dedicated server, i cant send email to yahoo mail, i didnt send spam and already send bulkmaster to yahoo mail postmaster few times, but still didnt granted, like others people here webhostingtalk.com/showthread.php?t=1019906, i cant move to another hosting company for now, its ok i dont blame the hosting company since they are very cheap, only get this problem with yahoo mail

so the solution, i use SMTP service that in another server, i already ordered one with max 25.000 emails/month. Here are the authenticated SMTP details in another server I got for example :
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.co.cc addresses

I work for a company and we manufacture and distribute nationally a number of consumer pet brands. While I monitor analytics, I notice every day I get notifications of sites like terrys-lawncare.co.cc with links to our products on amazon, etc that are completely unrelated.

Who the heck is creating this stuff and why?

Very confused on these and what the point is. Are they only doing it to promote the .co.cc domain extension? Is it some kid in china being forced to do this for $1 a month to as much as he can? Is it something from china they are automating?
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eBay Agrees to Acquire Magento

The past several years have been an amazing journey for Magento, as we’ve grown from a new open source platform into an eCommerce leader. Along the way, we’ve built not only a platform, but a company and a worldwide community. Together, we’ve identified opportunities, taken risks, innovated, struggled, succeeded, and changed the face of eCommerce. Today marks a milestone on this journey as we announce the most exciting news in our company’s history. Magento has reached an agreement to be acquired by eBay Inc. We believe this move will open incredible opportunities for the entire Magento ecosystem.
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Save a list of web pages

I’m looking for software that will let me load a list of URLs and save them all as HTML or PDF. Even TXT is OK.

I found website2pdf.com but it’s a bit buggy and didn’t let me add multiple links of a similar url.

I’m looking into doing it with WinAutomation but there has to be an easier way.

do you have the list? Scrapebox could do it as html for you

Didn’t even realize scrapebox had this function. BEAUTIFUL. Thanks!

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Shill reviews starting to be penalized by FTC

So there’s a company called "Metal Method" that offers guitar lessons online and via DVD. They’re a pretty good company, and they have some good guitarists on their payroll.

At least one of their competitors use shill reviews and now they’re being fined a quarter million dollars.

This is awesome. I know I lose a lot of business to assholes using shill reviews, and I’m sure some other people here do, too.

php include

where am i going wrong?

created a folder in the root directory titled "inc" and dropped two files in that folder


i then include those pages on



<?php include($DOCUMENT_ROOT . "/inc/iframehead.php"); ?>

im sure its something stupid, but i’m stupid tired right now

Warning: include(/inc/iframehead.php) [function.include]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/user/public_html/mydomain.com/details/page1/index.php on line 2

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Facebook ads to get more likes

As much as I despise facebook, I can’t let it go any longer. I’m thinking the best way to get more likes at this point would be to buy some facebook ads, but I’m fucking horrid at marketing so I need some advice. Any tips from people who have boughts ads to get more likes? It sucks to watch smaller sites with much smaller audiences have a much larger audience on facebook

Buy/Find that one eBook on Warrior forums, they show you how to get clicks for 0.01-0.05, effective for "like" campaigns. Personally, I’ve spent a few thousand on those ads and facebook is not the place you want to advertise.. Best bet if you just want to get the number higher is to buy likes per the thousands.

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