flex 3 & actionscript people… is it possible to

embed html into an application?

I have an application where the user uses sliders to rate a potential employee in 8 different areas on a scale that goes from 1 to 5. After they’ve put their ratings in, and click a button, I’d like a new bar at the bottom to appear and show where on the scale of 1 to 5 the potential employee ranks.

I’ve gotten the sliders working, and i’ve found out the average. I was planning on making a single html cell and then using more html, show an arrow with a padding left of whatever percent the user ranked.
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anticybersquatting……LAWYER LETTER

for fucks sake, its been a hell of a month for me, had some surgery….trying to recover and i get a letter from a media agent and lawyer about a domain i own…. if anyone at all knows anything at all about this, please pm me and see if u can help a brother out….

i dont wanna have to hand it over for free, i wanna make some damn money to pay off some of these damn bills…..

awww fuck it, heres the deal….

kidd chris is a dj "shock jock" one of howard sterns buddies and he has the kid chris show….well i got the domain and the letter says since he has the term "kidd chris" trademarked that i am anticybersquatting or whatever….i did have the site up but have since took it down, ut the motherfucking domain is mine….this is such a mess….no lawyer in my hick part of the world knows a damn thing and if i can make a grand or some shit then i would like too…just sayin’

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just registered

wouldnt it be cool as if it was any other fail site with aggregated articles of dubai failures?

theres a lot of content to be put on the site. dubai’s ego is too big for their heads and it starts to show after they construct a new building thats supposed to be out of this world, like the burj.

it shut down most of the building after electrical problems plagued within 1 week of opening.

who wants to help me run it

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php & mysql in windows 7

I am going to start to learn php and mysql and I was wondering if it is stable and good with windows 7 64bit?

Try to install WAMP on your machine and test if it works.

just sign up for hostgator or something. installing/configuring can be very different from using it, so there’s no reason to possibly get stuck on a lesson you’ll never need.

This is a good idea, i really like being able to click save then refresh the browser rather than wait for a file to upload or having to click overwrite 300 times a night making small changes.
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How to create three tables separated by spaces?

How can I create three tables together separated by spaces? I’d like to have one left aligned, one centered and another right aligned.

Table1 Table2 Table3

I tried googling and can make them side by side without any space now, but I really need a gap between them.

Use stylesheets and adjust the margin of the table so there is a px gap between them.

If you’re using tables for layout, I suggest looking into divisions.

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COX internet users. (or any other cable company) Question.

Would cox block port 80 if I had a domain hosted on my home network?

I am out and about right now, but I can’t connect to either domain that is hosted at home, but i can RDP into the machine, I have restarted it. Restarted the http server itself, made sure the services are going.

I can run RDP, AFP, FTP and various other ports on the same IP just fine, but it seems as though port 80 is blocked. I have tried on both my friends network and my 3g on my iPhone with no avail.
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[PHP] What if conditional methode to do this? please help

i have responsive template, its have 3 php files :

– templatedesktop.php : template file for desktop

– templatemobile.php : template file for mobile

– page.php : contain information content, its included templatedesktop.php & templatemobile.php file inside

now i need to hide some part inside page.php, that should hide from mobile version, and appeared in desktop version only

i already tried add this define code inside templatedesktop.php file :
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Any iDevelopers looking for work?

PM me your portfolio. A guy I know owns a fairly large SAP consulting/integration company, they’re looking for a few app developers.. Working remotely is fine. Experience with SAP software is a huge plus

how much are these developers paid? Just curious myself. I got some good app ideas, but absolutely zero knowledge of any programming.