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Is this gonna be ruined by blackhatters?

rip off of facebook

but just like google buzz rippin off twitter, it’ll stick around and be "mediocre"

how do i block an autoblog?

I have a WP blog and there is an autoblog that is scraping my content.

Whats the easiest way to put an end to it? Can I just block the servers IP?

Interested in this too. My sister has a similar problem, and I just told her not to worry about it. I included a copyright/link to her blog on the RSS feed, so at least it’s obvious where it’s coming from.

Block the servers IP. Im sure its pretty easy to find in your servers access logs.

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Brag/Complain Thread

Brag: I got a signed invoice and payment today and the client put a smiley face underneath her signature… what a sweet old woman

Complain: some other bitch thinks she is cute when she decides to change her painting titles/order constantly… getting to be a hassle

Brag: I’m busier than I’ve ever been, even with the economy.

Complain: Clients are taking fucking forever to pay. I’ve had to threaten to take down more sites for non-payment the last 6 months the rest of my 10 year career combined.

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c&c on my new blog theme

I like that a lot better than the one you had on there in the last thread, but fuck your popup

popup is once every two days, i’ve giving away 3 ase gold passes, you ever gonna make it out to a conf?

The rotating fade to black is pretty distracting

Eyes don’t know where to avert attention. Got annoyed, clicked out. Basically the same shit that happened with your previous designs.

Best way to stream live video?

Wanting to stream live video.

From reading there are pretty much 3 parts to it. A streaming server, an encoding program, and the flash part you embed on the webpage.

So my question is, what is the easiest way to do this?

As far as I can tell I can use red5, but in all the documentation it mentions writing your own flash programs etc. I suck at flash, and I suck even worse at flash programming. lol

I like ustream, but the ads are so buggy at the beginning, but I really dont mind them. Going to see what livestream has to offer tonight.
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Questions on having Homepage on Server #1, All other pages on Server #2, and More

Thanks Pepsi and KingToad for providing guidance in the last thread I made, however have a few more questions on something different.

– What will happen if I run a homepage on one server, and all other pages on another server. Homepage will read domain.com and all other pages will read domain.com/pages for example.

– If I do this, how will if affect the SEO? I’m absolutely only concerned with that part. I don’t mind having two servers for one site; overkill yes, but I have no choice. I’m worried two things will happen : The homepage will rank high but the other pages will rank nothing. OR The pages will rank high and the homepage won’t rank or will and be ranked lower.
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